Boost Morale and Creativity with Art in Your Office

Boost morale with office art

Adding art to your office makes for a more pleasant work environment.

The office doesn’t have to be a place of stress, discord, and monotony. One of the simplest ways to increase employee morale, increase productivity, stimulate creativity, and encourage a positive work environment is to add art into your office design.

It’s Good Business Sense

On a practical level, supporting and integrating the arts into your workplace is smart business sense. In supporting the arts, you support education and efforts to foster a skilled and creative workforce that your company can hire from. Arts afford your business chances to create customer or client relationships, enrich the relationships between your employees and the surrounding community, and make your employees feel valued. Just as you purchase artwork from a local vendor, that local artist may choose you for their next big business project. This increases economic vitality in the community and generates sales for both the artist and your company.


Your Employees Will Notice

The Business Committee for the Arts (BCA) and the International Association of Professional Art Advisors (IAPAA) completed a research survey across the industry and business landscape to pinpoint how the presence of art in the workplace can affect employees. The study concluded that the integration of arts in the workplace was positively correlated to lower stress levels, higher morale, increased levels of creativity, and greater productivity. Over 80% of employees indicated that art was and important element of their work environment. Even more telling, over 70% of employees surveyed said that their view of their employer would change if the art were to be removed.

Create Community

Truly great and successful businesses do not merely work in their building; they work in the communities that surround them. Art gives companies a way to communicate values, encourage critical thinking, foster dialogue, and inspire creativity inside and outside of the office. Both public and corporate art are needed to create a truly vibrant community.

Be Smart About Your Art

Once you understand the value of art to the workplace and community, you need to choose exactly how to integrate art into your office. Is your city undergoing a cultural or artistic revitalization plan? Talk to your local officials and see how your business can take part, especially if you are located in a target area. What type of art fits your company’s personality and office space? Most offices incorporate paintings or photographs into their design. While there is nothing wrong with hung artwork, consider how a striking bronze sculpture or interesting fiber art piece would add even more to the environment.  What theme do you want to showcase? Think of your company’s core values, strategic vision, and goals. Take special care to consider who your employees and clients are when choosing your theme.


Now that you’ve narrowed down your theme and medium, decide whether or not you should hire a professional to complete a comprehensive design and layout for your office’s art. This ties directly into your available budget for the project. Do you want to invest in a few quality pieces that are the heart of your office or pepper the walls with as many art pieces as you can acquire? Before you purchase your first piece, make sure you have a plan for maintaining the artwork, guarding the artwork if necessary, and insuring your artistic investment.


Don’t Be Afraid to Hire Professional Help

Many companies get overwhelmed during the process of selecting art for their offices and could use the help of a professional art consultant or established artist. These experts can help guide you through the different choices you need to make and turn your art into something more than centerpieces on coffee tables and dull pictures in the bathroom. Your investment in art is an investment in your community, your office, your clients, and your employees, so don’t shy away from getting the help you need to get it right the first time.


Remove the Guessing and Stressing

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