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Holiday Office Decorating Etiquette

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Decorating your office for the holidays can be fun for everyone. Just don’t over do it.

As fall comes to a close, Halloween candy moves to the clearance section, and all types of bows and wreaths pop up on store shelves, it’s apparent that the holiday season is coming! Many businesses love to spruce up their workplaces with Christmas trees and seasonal décor, but how can you decorate without it being too much and distracting for your employees? Here are some tips for decking the halls without any pitfalls.

What Are the Holidays?

One of the biggest initial questions involves taking into account who works in your office or who patronizes your business. If you are a store that is open to the public, non-denominational winter themed decorations are probably your best bet. Make an effort to value all of the employees that work in your office by having inclusive non-denominational decorations or by decorating for multiple holidays.

Keep it Simple

Simple and tasteful decorations are always the best bet when it comes to the chilly winter months. Customers and staff might be turned off or distracted by piles and piles of holiday office decorations when they enter work. Make sure that your holiday office decorating plans reflect your company and brand image. Are you a modern and sleek company? Don’t clutter the entryway with piles of Christmas lights and tinsel. Are you a kitschy business? Opt for some tasteful retro décor.

What Month Is It?

One of the biggest complaints during the fall months is that it is too early for Christmas and holiday décor yet! Pay attention to what month it is when you put up your décor and try to wait until after Thanksgiving to start office decorating for winter holidays. Timing is just as important when it comes to taking all of those decorations down. Don’t wait until Valentine’s day to take the menorahs and wreaths down, or risk customers and employees being sick of the season.

Office Furniture and Decor to Keep Everyone Feeling Festive

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