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5 Reasons to Get a Foot Rest

foot rest

A foot rest has a few great advantages, with comfort topping the list.

Whether you’re redesigning your home office or completing a major redesign of your commercial office, there are countless different furniture options available to make doing your job during the day even more comfortable. Everything from ergonomic chairs, to adjustable desks, to wrist rests are available to keep you comfortable even after long hours at your desk. The foot rest is one of the most overlooked desk tools that many office workers could benefit from. Here are five of the best reasons to get foot rests for your office.

Get a Boost

It might seem silly, but many short workers could use the boost from a foot rest to do their job more comfortably. Many ergonomic chairs require the user to be seated properly, and shorter people cannot receive the full benefits of ergonomic seating without a foot rest.  Foot rests let people of smaller stature keep their feet flat on the foot rest and have their weight properly distributed and consequently receive the full benefits of ergonomic seating.

Reduce Pressure

For workers that aren’t on the smaller side, foot rests can help eliminate the pressure on their legs and consequently lower the chances of blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis. Foot rests can also help to decrease leg swelling and the severity of varicose veins.

Stay Active While Sitting

Study after study shows that sitting all day is not the optimal way to stay healthy over the years, and foot rests can help to encourage more active sitting. Different foot rests are available that encourage the user to rock the foot rest, keep their legs moving, keep their blood flowing, and keep them comfortable at their desk.

Transition to an Adjustable Desk

Foot rests aren’t just great for users sitting at traditional desks. Foots rest are also great options for users transitioning to standing desks that want to ease the transition. Good quality foot rests for users of standing desks can allow them to stand up to 30 percent longer while maximizing the health benefits of standing desks.

They’re Comfortable

The most obvious reason to start using foot rests in your workplace is because they’re simply more comfortable than resting your feet on the floor. Foot rests are specifically designed to keep workers comfortable more than traditional hardwood or carpet flooring, so they are a great fit for any and every work environment.

Foot Rests to Keep Everyone Comfortable

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