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Which Desk Style is Right for Your Office?

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Finding the right office desk can be tough, and there are a lot of factors to consider.

There are so many different types of office desks out there that choosing the right one for your needs and tastes may seem like an overwhelming process. However, before you start to get nervous, take a look at this office desk guide. Here are some of the most popular, common, user-friendly, and stylish office desk options out there.  

The Static Office Desk

This classic desk option is the most common. You can see them in almost every office with older furniture, and many newer ones. If you are happy with this desk, stick with it of course, but if you are looking for fundamental change, perhaps it is time to try something new.  

The Standing Desk

This is a dramatic change that is not to be made lightly. While many of us are used to sitting all day at work, numerous studies show that this is actually horrible for you, and can negatively affect your overall quality of life and even lifespan. In response, some have chosen to trash their classic desks all together and replace them with standing ones. However, standing all day also has negative health benefits, and the sudden transition can be painful and difficult. It is important to provide both options if you invest in a number of standing desks.

The Adjustable Height Office Desk

This desk allows workers to switch the desk between a sitting and standing desk at their discretion, for optimal health benefits. This flexibility has numerous health benefits long term, and can even increase productivity overall. Maintaining one position all day long is horrible for the overall health of workers, and this allows them to change positions at will and have complete control of their own comfort and health.

Moveable Desk

These desks allow employees to have private space, but do not trap them in an arrangement which can halt collaboration. This allows workers the flexibility to complete solo projects and work collaboratively in temporarily shared spaces with ease.

Upgrade Your Conference Room Design

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