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Conference Room Guidelines

conference room guidelines

Conference rooms are one of the most important spaces in an office. Make sure you do it right.

When designing the perfect conference room for your small business, it is important to take many different factors into account, including what exactly you want to use your conference room for. Are you looking for a nice room to hold board meetings in? Do you have clients to present your plans to? Do you simply need a room for team members to use for private meetings? The events that your conference room will hold have a huge effect on how your conference room is laid out. Here are some guidelines for furnishing your conference room.

How Many People Should Your Conference Room Hold?

One of the most basic questions to answer about your conference room is how many people it needs to hold. You need to consider both the maximum number of people that will attend events in your conference room and the average number of people that will be using the room. For example, 32 people will require a room that is at least 32 feet by 14 feet.  If you will be doing active things in the room that require a lot of moving around, add more space so that nobody feels claustrophobic or cramped.

What Image Do You Want To Project?

If your conference room is going to be used to present to clients, you might want to project a different image than if it was just going to be used for internal staff meetings. The design of your room will certainly affect how prospective and current clients view your entire company, so choose wisely. If you are a trendy company on the forefront of technology, a modern and bold design makes sense for you. However, if you are a small French bakery chain using the conference room for staff meetings, odd chair shapes and bold artwork would seem very out of place.

Upgrade Your Conference Room Design

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