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The Makings of An Exceptional Executive Desk

How to Choose an Executive Desk Mark Downs Office Furniture

When you upgrade to an executive desk, you know that you’ve made it

When you upgrade to an executive desk, you know that you’ve made it. Executive desks typically belong to people in middle and upper management. If you own a home business, an executive desk may also be ideal for you because no one dictates your work schedule, and you’re the boss. These high-end desks have many varieties. If you’re unsure of how to pick an exceptional desk, we have some general rules of thumb. 

The Core Features of an Executive Desk

Executive desks are more expansive and sturdier than other desk types. The makeup of this desk type is also less narrow with more depth than its counterparts. If you’re looking for a desk with a spacious surface that can house a few personal items and ample lighting, an executive desk will fit your needs. You should also know that executive desks typically come with two supportive pedestals on the side that run down to the desk’s base. These desks are also fully covered from the front-facing or visitor’s viewpoint, with vertical drawer rows on the owner’s side. Not all executive desks have these features, but these are usual standards.

Types of Executive Desks

  1. Ornate: Ornate desks, in general, tend to be more decorative than functional. If you have many certificates and photos that you’d like to show off, this desk has elaborative carvings and inlay work that you can put on display. Keep in mind that this desk type is not always ideal for long work hours. 
  2. Molded: This desk type is high in functionality, not as expensive as an ornate desk, and typically consists of molten plastic or veneer poured into a mold. Another term for this type of desk is a prefabricated mold. 
  3. Modern Angular: If you’re looking for an unconventional-looking executive desk, this option will fit your needs. A modern angular desk has angular drawers, shelves, legs, and pedestals. This desk’s features will differ from the desk’s proper in some form. The desk’s top could also be irregular, and instead of being a rectangle, it may be another shape. If you’re a creative professional, you may enjoy this aesthetic. 
  4. Corner Desks: Corner desks are ideal for a contemporary office layout. They consist of a triangle work surface that runs across the lengths of two intersecting walls. Corner desks are suitable for anyone who spends a long time in front of the computer because they offer visual comfort. They can also help you save some space and are perfect for people who need extra focus and concentration
  5. L-Shaped: L-shaped executive desks have the same benefits as corner desks, but they have a more extended work surface and give you enough space to work with, but you can distribute decor and personal items more efficiently. 

In a Nutshell, What Qualities Should You Look For in an Executive Desk

  • Functionality
  • Style
  • A Desk That Complements Your Personality/Workflow

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