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Essential Items Every Desk Should Have

Your workday won’t go well if you don’t have the proper tools. The items that you use daily should be neat, organized, and easily accessible.

Your workday won’t go well if you don’t have the proper tools. The items that you use daily should be neat, organized, and easily accessible. Without certain items within reach at your desk, it may be impossible to be productive. If you need a few tips for how to make your workspace better, keep reading. Even if your desk is efficient, there are some things on this list that you may be missing or may not have crossed your mind. You as well should keep reading to discover the essential items that every desk should have.

Office Supplies

It may go without saying, but every desk should have neatly stored office supplies. Each person is different and performs unique duties, but every desk should have pens, sticky notes, and a stapler within reach.

Dry Erase Board Or Bulletin Boards

A dry-erase board provides a fun way to jot down your thoughts versus just using notepad. A bulletin board is also creative because you can tack notes and lists to them and remove them as you complete your tasks. Another positive benefit is that you can write or stick motivational messages on boards which promotes a healthy work environment. The great thing about boards is that they vary in size. Whether you work in a cubicle or have a large desk, you’ll find a board that is suitable for your workspace.

A Calendar

A calendar is an efficient way to keep track of meetings. With just a glance, you can organize your entire week and month.  It can also help you balance your life outside of work. Do you volunteer? Are you juggling grad school and work? Are you excited about a trip you have planned and need some motivation to get you through the week? A calendar is a great tool to use.


While texting or scrolling through social media may not be appropriate at some companies, you want to make sure that your friends and family can reach you in case of an emergency. Nothing is worse than your phone dying in the middle of the day without a way to charge it.


Workdays can be long, hard, and taxing. Of course, you’ll have a lunch break, but you may get hungry before then. Invest in healthy snacks so that you won’t become lethargic. Cookies and chips don’t help with productivity. A painfully hungry stomach doesn’t increase productivity either.

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