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Office Design: The Basics

office design

Let it shine! The more natural light you can incorporate into your office design, the better.

We talk about office design a lot on this blog because, you know, it’s what we do. But it’s come to our attention that we haven’t laid down some ground rules. So this week we are going to go over the five basic principles of office design. Hopefully you find these helpful when moving into a new office!


No one likes working in the office equivalent of a basement, so make sure you have plenty of natural light. Exposure to natural light can boost your mood and productivity, and workers are less likely to suffer from eye strain and chronic headaches when there’s more natural light than artificial.

The Break Room

The break room isn’t just for lunch. Think of a break room as more of a lounge, where co-workers can meet, eat, talk, and relax. The toned-down environment will help encourage a more creative exchange of ideas, as well as giving employees a place to interact.

Keep It Straight

Organization is vital in any office, especially a smaller one. Your productivity and sanity aren’t the only things at stake, either. Imagine bringing a client in for a meeting only for them to bare witness to the world’s messiest office. They probably won’t feel very confident that the work your company does for them will be organized if you have an office in disarray.

Put Yourself Out There

This is your office, and everyone should know it. Use your office as a branding tool for your business. Put your logo where customers or clients coming in can see it, and use your office design to display the kind of office culture you’d like to see from your business.

Get the Right Furniture

Obviously we’re biased, but this is by far the most important aspect. The right furniture can keep your employees healthy and productive, and improve your business’s image. Office furniture is an investment, so make sure you work with the right people to get what you need.

Mark Downs Has the Office Furniture You Need!

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