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How to Design a Great Reception Office

reception office furniture

The right furniture in your reception office can make all the difference of how a customer feels about your business.

A reception office is an important part of your business and its image. It’s usually the first impression a customer gets from your business, so you need to make the most of the opportunity. There are three main things to think about when it comes to designing a reception office: art, furniture, and hospitality. Keep reading to learn a little more about how to use each to your advantage.


We’ve said it before, artwork in your office can be a huge boost to morale and creativity. It can help give the right impression, too. The right artwork placed correctly in your reception office will give those waiting something to look at and consider, helping them pass the time, and can work as a conversation starter.


Making sure everyone is greeted and checked in when they arrive is essential, but going beyond that can make all the difference between a customer that wants to run out the door and one that doesn’t mind sitting five extra minutes. Providing water and coffee is a good way to make people comfortable, and industry literature or a television will give them a way to pass the time.


The right reception office furniture will be comfortable, durable, and look good while fitting in with the rest of the furniture in your office. While finding the combination of these in one piece of furniture sounds hopeless, trust us, it’s not. We carry a large variety of reception office furniture that can be mixed and matched to any furniture you may already have. Plus, these pieces of furniture are made specifically for reception areas that get a high volume of traffic, so they’re built to last.

Remove the Guessing and Stressing

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