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How Office Design Can Reduce Employee Distractions

reduce employee distractions

Talking with your employees to figure out how distractions happen is a great first step.

Does it ever seem like you walk through the office and everyone looks a little…off task? If this sounds like your office, you might want to think about the ways the design of your office affects productivity. Figuring out what can reduce employee distractions and what just makes it worse can be a tough goal to meet, but we have a few tips to help you get started.

Talk It Out

Office design can seriously impact your employees. You know that, and they know that. But do they know you know that? Effective communication between management and employees is vital when it comes to reducing employee distractions. Figure out what your employees need to reduce distractions, and work with them to decide what is appropriate for the company.

Give Them Options

We’ve talked up the idea of an open office floor plan a few times, and still think it’s a great way to foster collaboration. But, it’s important to recognize that not everyone works the same way. Some people need to be off by themselves in order to focus and get their best work done. The solution is to give your employees options, and don’t tie them to one option permanently. Try to create spaces where people can come together and bounce ideas off of each other, and then head to a private space to work and think.

Get the Right Furniture

Different workstations require vastly different furniture. Open offices need larger tables that accommodate multiple workers and can move easily to keep up with a changing environment. A private office needs the staples of any modern workstation: a desk, an ergonomic chair, the right artwork, and appropriate filing capabilities.

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