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A Guide for Reducing Back Pain While Working

ergonomic furniture that reduces back pain Mark Downs

One way to reduce back pain is to utilize a standing desk

Back pain while working, has a lot to do with the office furniture that you utilize. Posture and lack of movement also play a significant part in back pain while working. Millions of Americans spend a lot of time stuck behind a computer screen and can sometimes neglect to treat their bodies the right way. Here is a quick guide for reducing back pain while working. 

Tip #1: Adjust Your Workspace 

The first step to ensuring that your back isn’t in pain is adjusting your surroundings. Whether you use an office desk, a kitchen island, or a kitchen or dining room table, you need to make sure that you’re sitting at a comfortable height. Next comes picking out the appropriate seating once you’ve found a height that you’re comfortable sitting at during an entire workday. Picking out ergonomic office seating is not enough. We suggest that you adjust it to your proportions. The perfect office chair allows you to customize your height, armrests, and backrest. We also recommend that you keep the items that you need the most, close to you. Otherwise, you might find yourself straining to reach them. 

Tip #2: Work on Correcting Your Posture 

Slouching causes strain. You could have the best office furniture that we have to offer, but still, hurt your back because of improper posture. Sitting the incorrect way for hours on end causes so much stress on the body. We recommend that you sit straight up and not cross or fold your legs as this can cause circulation problems.

Tip #3: Get Up and Move

Even if you have near-perfect posture and excellent ergonomic office furniture, you still have to get up and move. Sitting down for too long is quite damaging to the body. You have to keep that blood flowing and oxygen moving through your body. We know that doing so is hard, especially when you’re trying to meet deadlines or just in a work groove, but little things help. Stretch every few hours, go for a walk, and take a few minutes to breathe and look at other things besides the computer screen. 

Office protection is the name of the game. We provide ergonomic office furniture so that you’ll have a comfortable and accommodating work experience. We also partner with Screenflex and Safco to protect offices as the economy starts to reopen slowly. 

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