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The Benefits of a Footrest at Work

Discover the benefits of using a footrest at work.

When it comes to supporting your body in the workplace, you hear plenty about looking for ergonomic office furniture. A chair or wrist rest may come to mind, but truthfully, you may need more to your ergonomic set up to ensure you’re getting the right support. It’s easy to forget that your feet and legs need support just as your head, neck, and back do, but this can lead to long-term health problems after plenty of long days working seated in your office furniture. So it’s important to remember to use a footrest when you’re looking into ergonomics for your office setup.  Here are just a few benefits of having a footrest in your office space.

Encourages Active Sitting

Countless studies point to a link between sitting all day and long-term health problems. Active sitting can be a great way to mitigate some of the problems associated with sitting for long periods of time, but it is easily forgotten, and sometimes difficult to integrate into your workday routine. However, many footrests encourage a rocking motion, which keeps your legs active throughout the day and provides some relief from the monotony of sitting in office furniture all day long.

Improves Circulation

Keeping your feet elevated, or even rocking, throughout the day provides relief by improving circulation and blood flow throughout your body. Sitting all day can cause back problems and circulatory issues, which can cause your feet and legs to fall asleep throughout the day and lead to chronic issues down the road. But an ergonomic footrest reduces the pressure on your legs, which can relieve your back of seat-related stresses, reduce swelling in your legs, and even prevent blood clots.

Provides Relief For Shorter Office Mates

More petite users of ergonomic chairs may not see as many of the benefits if they cannot use their office furniture properly. Beyond simply providing relief, footrests can help to provide a solid base for shorter coworkers to work from and help them to maximize the ergonomic benefits of their other office furniture.

Integrates Seamlessly Into Adjustable Setups

Many footrests can fit into any office setup–including adjustable and standing desks. In fact, some footrests are adjustable themselves, allowing you to experience the ergonomic benefits of a footrest while maximizing your productivity and active workflow at a standing desk setup.

Increases Comfort

Beyond any ergonomic benefits, a footrest is simply a comfortable piece of office furniture. Keeping your feet elevated is simply more comfortable for most people than keeping their feet on the ground. You can find one in the right material for you to maximize this comfort, and even match the finish to the rest of your office furniture.

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