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How to Choose Home Office Furniture

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Learn how to choose furniture for your office.

For many professionals it’s necessary to designate a space at home for business. It may be a spare bedroom, den, the garage, or even the family room. Whatever room you’ve chosen as your office you’ll need to furnish it furniture that will help you be productive and comfortable. Although it’s in your home you want to be able to differentiate the place for work from the areas in which you live. Here is a guide for choosing home office furniture.

Assess the Room

The first step in choosing furniture for your home office is to take into account how much space you have. You want to be careful not to choose pieces that are too big for the room. This would make them difficult to move into the space and it could make your feel claustrophobic. Take measurements of the room with you when you go shopping. This will give you a good idea of what pieces will fit perfectly in your home office.

Shared or Private Space

Is your home office a space where you can close the door and be completely secluded or is it a shared space? If it’s private, you’ll have more freedom in your decision-making. However, if it’s a shared space, then you’ll likely have to consider pieces that make the rest of the space accessible to others who use it.

Hours Per Day

Will your home office be used for someone who conducts all of their professional business from the home or is it a room where you’ll need to respond to a few emails and take a couple calls? If it’s the space for your primary work, then consider going with pieces more reminiscent of a traditional office. Otherwise, you may be able to get away with a more casual atmosphere.   

Pick a Style

When choosing a style for your home office, it goes back to answering the question of where the space is shared or not. If it’s private, then you’ll have more freedom to choose pieces that connect with your personal style of what you think an office should look like it. If it’s a shared space, then you should choose pieces that blend well with the style of the entire room.  

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