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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Office Desk

Learn how to choose the perfect desk for your office.

Your office desk is the hub of most of the work that you do during the day. With that in mind, it’s needs to be a space that facilitates your productivity and makes you comfortable. It’s a key element in every office setting, whether you work in a closed office or in a cubicle setting. Check out these tips for choosing the perfect office desk.

How You Use Your Desk

Take note of how you use your current desk. Are you a writer? Do you usually use a computer? Do you need space to sketch or make charts? Having the answers to these questions will inform the style of desk that you need. Think of your desk as your workstation. Desks with roomy surfaces usually have the most versatility and allow you to fully customize the way you use the space.


The ability to stay organized is a major influence in choosing office furniture. If this is something that you struggle with, consider desks that come with ample drawers, shelves, and other areas that help you keep things in order.


Not all office desks are made the same. Think about your preferences when it comes to the surface material that you like to work on. If you choose laminate, you’ll be getting a desk that is durable and affordable. If you choose metal or steel, you’ll be getting a desk that is great in high-traffic areas and that can support a of weight. The classic wood desk is elegant and usually more expensive than the other options.


For professionals that spend most of their day in the office, in a seated position, then posture is probably a concern that they have. The concept of the standing desk is growing in popularity. It allows you to lift your work surface so that you can spend some time standing to stretch your legs and alleviate some pressure on your back. It has also been known to help with alertness and productivity.    

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