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What Color is your Office?


Office Artwork Color

The interior of your office can come in handy when it comes to the productivity of those occupying it. While there is typically a main focus on office furniture within an office, the walls of an office tend to be neglected. What people fail to realize is that the color and decorations throughout an office space can also make a large impact of the productivity and creativity flowing out of the space. Different colors can have different effects on the brain during work.


  • Orange- The color orange helps to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, which results in brain activity being stimulated. Those who become distracted easily should stick to more subtle shades of orange to help with brain activity.
  • Yellow- The color yellow can assist in concentration when trying to complete a task or project. Yellow can also help when trying to recall memories.
  • Blue- The color blue is known for having a calming effect. Blue can also increase productivity and creativity.
  • White- While the color white tends to make you sentimental, it can also encourage individuals to clear clutter or to become organized. It can also help promote productivity when paired with other colors like the ones listed above.


Based on the effects the above colors have on individuals trying to be productive, they are excellent colors to incorporate throughout your office. Try painting a wall or two a solid color to help promote creativity throughout the office. You can also incorporate different colors throughout the office with the art displayed upon the walls.


At Mark Downs Office Furniture of Maryland, we offer an array of art from local artist Sam Pathi. Use some of his artwork of local landmarks to help promote productivity throughout your office and to encourage the creation process. We also offer a variety of office furniture from desks to chairs.


To get started with Mark Downs, visit our showroom today located in Cockeysville. You can also view our offered pieces on our full website. Have a question about a specific piece? Give us a call at 410-771-6800.


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