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Big & Tall Chairs From Office Source

Big & Tall office chairs from Office Source Mark Downs Office Furniture

Office Source, well, is an excellent source.

If you’re looking for ergonomic office chairs, Office Source, well, is an excellent source. Office Source has a Big & Tall office chair collection if you’re looking for office chairs that can accomodate your employees. Ergonomic office chairs also benefit people who work from home. Sure, you may be in the comfort of your home, but that doesn’t mean that your home office chair is as comfortable as it should be. Let’s learn some information about what you should look for in a Big & Tall office chair and more information about Office Source.

Seat Slide Adjusters

A seat slide adjuster will allow a person to adjust the office seat’s depth. This feature is beneficial for someone who has longer legs to aid in their ultimate comfort. 

A Sturdy Base

Some Big & Tall chairs have seven legs versus five to ensure that the chair has more stability and ease of movement. Regardless of if the chair has five or seven legs, you can expect that the base will be sturdy and durable.

Tilt Adjustment

When a person with a larger frame leans back, they should have the option of adjusting the tension in the office chair’s back. This option provides them with more support if they decide that they no longer want to sit fully upright. 

Open-Mesh Upholstery Is an Excellent Option for Anyone

Ergonomic options come in both leather and open-mesh. What’s ideal about mesh is that it enables the user to stay cooler and comfortable even during the warmer seasons. Anyone can benefit from this advantage. On the other hand, leather is a more luxurious option. 

More About Big & Tall Chairs

Besides Big & Tall chairs being sturdier and potentially having more legs, there are other ways that they different from regular task chairs. For example, the seat pan on this type of chair is equivalent in width and length. Secondly, its heightened cylinders ensure that the user’s legs don’t bend awkwardly. Third, not only can you adjust the back, but it will cover the span of a person’s entire back. Also, some Big & Tall chairs can accommodate up to 500 pounds. 

More About Office Source

Office Source was founded in 1996 and offers a plethora of different office chairs from executive chairs to medical stools to guest chairs and mesh office chairs, and of course, they have a Big & Tall series. For more information about Office Source, give us a call or visit our showroom! 

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