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Tips for Designing the Best Conference Room

conference room

Designing the perfect conference room for your office!

Designing the perfect conference room is no easy task, even if you were able to design the rest of your office layout easily. The right conference room should make a positive first impression on your clients, be equipped with all of the audio-visual needs for teleconferencing, and have plenty of space for your teams to meet and accomplish tasks.  Take your time when designing your conference room because it is the area where all the important decisions are made.

Consider What Your Clients Need

Your clients will be some of the primary users of your conference room. As a result, you want to put their comfort near the top of your priority list. Make sure that there is plenty of elbow room in between your conference room seats and plenty of table space for laptops, portfolios, and anything else. Your conference room should be big enough to accommodate the groups that typically meet in it, but also small enough that it doesn’t feel like another room you are merely meeting in.

Choose the Right Tables

There are many different conference room seating designs, and only you and your staff will know which is right for your business. A U-style conference room seating arrangement can help everyone engage with the person who is speaking, but a classroom-style arrangement can fit more people into a smaller space. Make sure that you spend time researching and testing every conference room seating design before committing to one.  

Which Room Will You Choose?

Your conference room should be located in a spot that is distraction-free. If you can get the room right next to the boss’s office that’s great—unless the CEO office is right next to the lobby. Keeping distractions to a minimum will ensure that your meetings are more productive, as everyone will stay on task. Also, keep in mind the size of the room that’s available. If you have a tiny room but typically have 10 clients in a meeting, that won’t work. Choosing the right room is essential to achieving the best conference room possible.  

Conference Room Furniture for Your Office

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