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Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

Incorporate a whiteboard into your lesson plan today!

Incorporate a whiteboard into your lesson plan today!

There has been an increased usage of interactive whiteboards in schools, universities, and institutions around the world.  They have been proven to be useful for both teaching and learning in various ways, such as stimulating the enthusiasm of teachers and students for lessons.  This is an efficient interaction in classes, increasing teachers’ overall productivity and students’ attainment. Interactive whiteboards are highly versatile tools which can be used to teach anyone of any age. Teachers who use them regularly to teach their students have reported a great deal of success when it comes to presenting engaging lessons.  Overall, they have been shown to provide significant benefits across all age groups.

Business Meetings

Not only can you share files with those at the meeting, but an interactive whiteboard also allows to easily share the screen with remote attendees. This way everyone has exactly the same information and all team members are on the same page. At the end of the meeting or presentation, the meeting leader can email, print, and share everything that came up during the whiteboarding session. Its connectivity is another major benefit of interactive whiteboards. With the right hardware, users can connect interactive whiteboards to IOS and Android smart devices with a single application. This results in a greater range of data sharing and interconnectivity.

A Tool for Education

An interactive whiteboard in the classroom is basically like a traditional whiteboard digitized with touch function for showcasing lessons, but its exceptionally large size makes it much more useful than previous boards which are impossible to reach every student in a classroom. The display surface is large enough for everyone and it greatly improves teachers’ efficiency and teaching convenience. The whiteboard also makes interaction between teachers and students easier with more diverse and effective teaching documents. The teachers can focus on the particular parts by underlining, circling and annotating with digital ink of different colors to improve students understanding of the lessons.

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