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3 Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards


Discover the benefits of utilizing interactive whiteboards at work.

Let’s face it; meetings can be boring, especially when people are expected to absorb and retain a lot of information at one time. However, when technology is used to make these sessions more interactive, they can become more engaging, interesting, and help people learn. This is true in the classroom and the boardroom. In addition to office design tips, technology is also an excellent tool for keeping people engaged. An interactive whiteboard is a tool that professionals use to not only give presentations but keep other employees and members involved and interested. Here are three benefits of using interactive whiteboards in the office.

Increased Collaboration

Gone are the days of simply listening to or watching PowerPoint slides flash across the screen and taking notes as important information passes you by. Using interactive whiteboards is a great way to promote and increase collaboration between colleagues. You’ll find it much easier to share, access, and edit files. You can also keep those suggestions that people share saved right into the whiteboard itself. When meetings leaders want to emphasize a specific point or message, they can do so in real time. Everyone will feel more encouraged to participate in the meeting.

Increased Communication

Sometimes business requires travel, and it’s often the case that everyone that needs to attend a meeting won’t be available in the office to be there. Whether they are away at a conference, having a meeting elsewhere with a prospective client, or working from home, activities in the office don’t stop just because some key players aren’t available. Interactive whiteboards make it possible for people who are working remotely to attend important meetings. At the end of the meeting, the team leader can email, print, and share everything that was discussed with those working out of the office.

Effective Annotations

Just because it’s an interactive whiteboard doesn’t mean that you’ll have to use those messy markers and erasers. The technology makes it possible for users to gesture and navigate the touchscreen with their fingers and hands. Furthermore, this technology makes annotating documents and presentations a seamless process, and it can be done in real-time during the meeting. The interactive whiteboard will allow for 3D modeling, estimating, hyperlinking, sharing video links, and other applications.

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