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Design Your Dream Home Office Today

Home Office

Here are some tips to setting up the ideal home office.

A home office may be a luxury, but extreme care should be taken when designing it for yourself. Whether you work from home full time or just need a space to pay bills and organize your week, your office should be a personal and functional space you love to be in.  Whether you are writing the next great American novel or mapping out where your kids’ next sports practice will be, you deserve a fantastic space where you will be your most productive. Mark Downs has a few tips that will help you design your dream home office as soon as possible!

Choose Your Location Wisely

If you have a large enough home where there are a few options of where you can put your home office, that is fantastic. If you do not have a giant house, not to worry! You can make a smart and functional office space inside a room that already has a designated function. Do not stick a giant desk in a tiny room; be realistic with your space. If you have a small room to work with, then spring for a small desk and more wall space for organizing.

Consider how quiet you need your workspace to be. If you can function with noise, then an office near your kitchen or living area will be fine for you. If you need more quiet, then choose a space that is away from where your family spends most of their time. This is especially crucial if you will welcome clients into your space.

Consider Comfort

When designing your home office, do not sacrifice your comfort. Sure, sleek and contemporary styled spaces may be in right now, but does brushed silver and polished glass really seem comfortable to you? Choose furniture that speaks to you and never sacrifice ease and comfort for style.

This is especially important when it comes to picking that perfect office chair. If you are going to spend hours in this space, pick something that is in a color or fabric you love and that is comfy! Invest in your health and posture by buying an ergonomic chair to decrease your risk of chronic pain and increase your productivity.

All of the Lights

Lighting is an often overlooked aspect of the home office that many people do not take into consideration. Especially if you will be staring at a computer screen, make sure your office has plenty of natural light to lessen eye strain and potential headaches. Make sure your monitor is out of the way of window glare and place a small lamp on your desk for extra illumination.

Mark Downs Has Everything You Need

Are you still not quite ready to take the plunge and design your own home office? Have no fear, Mark Downs is here to help. Call us with questions at 410-771-6800 and if you want to see examples of our work, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.