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Tips For Choosing Your Home Office Furniture

Learn how to choose furniture for your home office.

Having a well outfitted home office can help make the difference between a productive day and a day spent checking your Facebook feed. When your space looks and feels professional and comfortable, you’ll be more likely to use it to its full potential. When you begin to design your home office, there are several factors you’ll want to keep in mind. Today we’ll walk you through our top five home office considerations.

Consider Your Space

If you don’t have a limited amount of space to work with the setup you may choose is likely to be very different than what you might do if you had plenty. If your office is too crowded with furniture, it will become claustrophobic, but if it is too empty, it may feel incomplete. Finding the perfect balance can be difficult so it may help to draw a to scale replica to help create a design mockup before you purchase a full office worth of furniture.

Consider Your Day

Will you be using your home office consistently? Or will you spend 30 minutes at your desk before heading out for a day of site visits and meetings? The amount of time you spend in your office can affect a lot of things. For one, if you’re not there often, you can afford to choose stylish or more budget-friendly but less long-term comfortable options. If you spend most of your day at a desk, you will want to invest in a more comfortable and ergonomic setup.

What’s Your Budget

How much you are willing to spend on your office is an essential part of this discussion. When you consider your office usage you may find that it is more important to splurge on a comfortable chair and get a lower quality desk. Likewise, you may find that you need a higher quality desk but prefer a standing set-up that allows you to skip the chair.

Who Shares Your Space?

Will you have guests in your office? Will your kids want to join you to do homework? Do you have a dog that will want to spend the day at your feet? When you’re developing your office space, you will want to consider all of these options as they can play a role in the overall space usage. If you may have occasional conferences, having extra seating like a couch or chair may be enough. If you have frequent meetings or children, a small table may be a great option. Likewise, If you have a dog underfoot, a more spacious desk may help ensure there is room for your feet and a dog bed.

Find The Right Fit

One of the most essential aspects of a home office, unlike a shared office, is that you have the opportunity for a more customized fit. Items like your office chair and desk should be suited to the height and shape of your body. Not only will this make working more comfortable, but it will ensure that you feel at home in your office space and help you to be more productive.

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