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The Benefits of Standing Desks

Discover the benefits of standing desks.

Discover the benefits of standing desks.

If you find yourself feeling fatigued by mid-afternoon sitting at your desk, perhaps it is time to consider a change. Maybe you are feeling antsy and are not sure how to get all of your nervous energy to dissipate. If you have either of these problems during the workday, you should consider getting a standing desk. There are numerous benefits to standing desks, which can stand on their own or serve as a position of a convertible desk. Whichever standing desk you choose, you will definitely see improvements in your everyday life. Count on Mark Downs to provide you with your next ergonomic office solution today!

Keep Fit and Healthy

Standing desks allow you to reduce your risk of weight gain and eventual obesity in comparison to regular sitting desks. Standing up burns more calories than sitting, so simply choosing to stand instead of to sit will help to keep you fit. You are actually doing exercise without the sweat! Scientists have said that you can burn up to 1000 extra calories per week if you stand at your desk rather than sitting. In one study, those who had standing desks also had a lower blood sugar spike after lunch than their sitting peers did. In addition to reducing weight gain, standing at your desk can also reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Boost Mood, Energy, and Productivity

Many people report feeling sluggish by the middle of the day or week, which can cut down on your productivity and good mood. Standing desks seem to have a positive influence on a person’s overall well-being. Studies show that standing at your desk for at least half of the workday can boost productivity and overall mood of some employees.

Reduce Back Pain

One of the most common reasons people opt for standing desks is that they can reduce back pain in some people. Sitting at a desk can cause tightness and pain in a person’s back, especially if they have poor posture. Studies have shown that standing desks have improved symptoms in patients with long-term back pain problems. Changing positions from sitting to standing, and back again throughout the day can reduce back pain as well. Staying in one position for very long can have significant long-term health effects on some people.  

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