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3 Tips To Decluttering Your Desk

Learn how to make your desk clutter-free.

Learn how to make your desk clutter-free.

It is the start of spring which is the perfect time to do some well-needed cleaning around your office.  One of the main areas you should focus on is your desk because it is one of the space you spend the most time at throughout the workday.  Having an unorganized and clutter filled desk can cause you to be unproductive at work.  You want to have a clutter-free and clean workspace so that you can be effective and successful in your position.  Luckily, there a few simple ways to declutter your office desk.

Clear The Entire Space

One of the most effective ways to start decluttering your desk is to clear and remove every item so that it is a bare piece of furniture.  You want to put all of the items in front of you so that you can see clearly what needs to go and what needs to stay. You should put items that are essential to your job in one pile and get rid of all of the other items.  Make sure that you limit the number of papers you keep. Paper can seem to pile up quickly, so you want to limit any paper files at your desk.

Storage is Key

One of the most important elements to decluttering your office desk is storage.  You want to make sure every item has a specific place at your desk. Make sure to utilize desk drawers, but do not just hoard items in them.  You want to put items in drawers that are useful to you and that you can access easily. When storing an item at your desk, make sure that you can find it easily.

Go Digital

If you have piles of paper files at your desk, it might be best to try to convert them into digital files.  Having most of your documents and important files on your computer creates more space at your desk. You want to utilize your computer as much as possible so that you can eliminate the use of paper as much as possible.  Make sure that you choose a computer that as minimal cords so that you have a clear workspace.

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