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Office Ergonomics and Staying Comfortable at Your Desk

Office ergonomics means that you have a desk that is adaptable to fit your needs

If you want an ergonomic office, Mark Downs has the office furniture that you need to achieve this. Office employees spend more time at their desks than anywhere else, so comfort matters. Not only does office ergonomics mean that you have the right office furniture, but it also means that you practice habits that won’t put a strain on your body. Here are some office ergonomics that promote you staying comfortable at your desk. 

Refrain From Eye Strain

Stretching your neck or moving your head to have a better view of what’s on your computer screen can cause tension and blurry vision. Adjusting your eyes to see the first line of type on your computer screen is acceptable. However, if you have to move anything else, then it’s time to readjust. Think about how far you’re sitting from your desk. Ideally, you want the computer screen at least 20 inches away from your face. You also want to enlarge the font or maximize the screen so that you don’t have to squint. 

Walk Away From the Computer

We know that this seems counterproductive. Getting as much work done as you can within eight hours is admirable, but not always healthy, nor does it promote office ergonomics. Too much time staring at a computer can lead to burnout. Look away from the computer every 30 minutes and every hour or two, walk away. Grab water or coffee, chat with your favorite coworker for a moment, and don’t forget to take a bathroom break. 


What’s also vital is not eating lunch at your desk if you can help it. Lunchtime should not be synonymous with work. It’s your time to step away from your responsibilities, so we suggest not spending time at your desk.

Try Not to Slouch

Keep those shoulders taut. After a long workday, it may come second to slouch, but the better your posture, the less back, neck, and shoulder problems you will have. It may take some time to get used to, but your body will thank you in the long run.

Refrain From Typing Too Aggressively

These are one of those tips that would cause most office employees to skulk. When you have tight deadlines to meet, banging on the keyboard seems impossible not to do. But repetitive, aggressive typing can cause finger pain. In worse case scenarios, carpal tunnel can happen, so be careful of how you type. 

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