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A Guide To Office Layouts

office space planning

Discover a few ways to set up your office.

Designing a brand new office can be an overwhelming endeavor; where do you even begin? The very first item you have to consider it which type of office layout would work the best for the functions that the office needs to serve. There are ways that you can maximize your office’s productivity that need to be taken into serious consideration when thinking about how to design your new office. This article will discuss the positive aspects of each main office plan setups.

Open Office Plan

An open office has either no or low partitions between work spaces. In this office layout, employees can either work at their own desks or at one long table. Each employee may have their own chair and computer, but the overall workspace is shared. This office layout works well with teams that are working on similar projects so that the members can most effectively work together. Open office spaces promote a sense of community and allow for easier communication between different members of the office. Open office spaces are also beneficial because they use the space more efficiently; in fact, most open office plans can house almost 50 percent more workstations than regular offices can.

Cellular Office Plan

Cellular offices are almost the opposite of open office plans. In a cellular office, there are sequentially arranged offices or cubicles that accommodate one or more people. Cellular offices are good for promoting autonomous work and let employees be more private about what they spend their time on. It allows for offices that work on multiple projects with different people, and often employees feel more secure having their own space. It also allows for noise reduction in the office.

Combination Office Plan

In a combination office, individual and multi-person offices and cubicles exist in harmony. The offices can even be on the periphery of common spaces that house tables, chairs, and couches. Individual offices allow for privacy, and individual work and the common areas let employees freely communicate with one another and to work on group projects.

Work-Working Office Plans

In a co-working office, employees and owners are not bound to one particular spot; workers have their laptops and tablets that allow them to be more mobile. Employees can come and go as they please. Employees may or may not have their own working space; the way you design your co-working office is really up to you and what you feel will make your employees most productive.    

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