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How to Effectively Organize Your Office

Learn how to keep your office well organized.

Learn how to keep your office well organized.

Effective office organization is a key component in successful business operations. Maintaining an office that is well-organized means that you can devote your time to your projects in a professional and timely manner. When you need to access a file, you can; when you need to refer to your notes from a meeting, you can find them with no problems. Office organization ultimately helps you be the best version of yourself at work. Here’s how to effectively organize your office.

Don’t Use the Floor

If you have files and folders, or books on the floor in your office, it’s easy to forget that they’re there, and overlook the information that you need. Use bookshelves and other shelving units to organize your materials. They also become a tripping hazard if your floor is covered in various piles of these materials. Vertical storage is a more efficient use of space and helps keep your items at eye level.

Store by Type

Organize your materials in categories, according to the type of item it is and what duties you use it for. For example, assignments that still need your attention should be kept together while other folders associated with a completed project should all be stored together. Also, items on your desk like shipping supplies should be kept in one area, making them easier to find when you need them. If you travel for your company, keep your travels materials on a specific shelf so that they’re always ready to go for your next business trip.

Digital Storage

When possible, scan and shred the physical copies of your documents so that they can be saved in digital folders that don’t take up space in your office. There are even cloud services you can use that won’t also take up too much storage space on your computer. These services are secure and usually require a monthly subscription. In this form, you will also be able to organize those files according to date, manager, or another identifiable category.

To-do Board

Don’t underestimate the power and effectiveness of a to-do board. You can use a corkboard or dry-erase board to hang in your office. It’s one of the simplest organization tips on this list, but it provides a visual aid that will help you keep your priorities visible and on schedule.

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