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Organizing your Home Office

Home-OfficeJust as if you were working from your office with the rest of your coworkers, your home office organization is key in ensuring productivity. While working from home can have its benefits, a lack of home office organization can make the job more difficult than if you were to head into the regular office for the day. But many individuals aren’t exactly sure how to create home office organization that works for them.

The first step to achieving home office organization is to establish a filing system that works best for you. This allows you to keep track of your paperwork instead of having piles of papers sitting throughout your home office. You also want to work out a system that helps to eliminate the clutter from your home office. Establish a rule that only work related items can enter your office, with only the necessary items out in plain sight. The only items that should remain on your desk at all times should include your computer, phone, current project paperwork, and a pen.

If possible, keep all personal items off of your home office computer. If this isn’t an option, be sure to go through and organize your computer to keep items separate. Different applications can also make it impossible for you to access certain files and websites during the day to help eliminate distraction. You should also work to create one accessible calendar for both your office and your home. This will help you to keep track of events and meetings without missing an item.

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