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Tips for Establishing an Organized Office Space in 2019

Tips for Establishing an Organized Office Space in 2019

It’s 2019 and now is the best time to organize your office space.

It’s 2019 and now is the best time to organize your office space. It can be difficult to establish a new routine and system for storing your office accessories, but it can also be what will help you feel more productive than ever before. Check out these tips for establishing an organized office space.  

Clear It Out

The first step to organizing your office is to clear it out. Take inventory of everything you have, the items you use on a regular basis, and any duplicates that you have. Items that you don’t use or have multiples of, you can purge those, making more space for the important items and resources that you do use more often. Clearing it out will keep your office free of clutter and neat for better organization.

Desk Organization

For most professionals, the desk will be your primary workspace. Therefore, it’s important to your productivity and peace of mind to keep your desk well organized. The first tip is to use trays for your documents. Label the trays with a system that makes sense for the way you work. One example is to label one tray as completed and another tray as new or to-do. You can also consider creating sections on your desk, one for your computer and the other for non-computer-related work. This should give you all the space you need to complete your various types of tasks.

Drawer Organization

Your drawers are an easy place to get cluttered messy. Many professionals tend to toss things in, close it, and forget about it. Just like on top of your desk, you can use trays and baskets to help organize your drawers. Use labels here as well to section off certain areas for specific accessories. For the items that you use the most, put those on top and closer to the front.

Catch-all Space    

Not every area in your office needs to be precisely organized. There will be some items and accessories that don’t quite fit into any category. Therefore, it’s a great tip to create a catch-all space somewhere in your space. Your coffee mug, the daily newspaper, the book you read on your lunch break. Since these items aren’t mainstays and come on go on a regular basis, keep some space open so that you can reach them with ease.

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