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4 Ways To Personalize Your Cubicle


Ways to make your cubicle feels more like home

The average person spends 40 hours a week in an office and many are sequestered into a gray cube.  Who wants to spend 8 hours a day staring at gray walls?  Spice up your work space with items and accessories that make you feel at home, even when you are on deadline.


You quickly start to spend more time at your cubicle than your own house, so why not bring in photos to remind you of the people that are waiting for you.  Decorating your space with family photos or even a pinboard of friends can make your cubicle feel more comforting.  Try bringing in some framed artwork to have your own little gallery on your wall as you walk into work in the morning.  You can also brag to all of your coworkers about your vast knowledge of contemporary art.

Add Some Color

By the second day in your cubicle, you are going to be sick of seeing those gray, drab walls.  Decorate the cabinets and walls with your favorite color.  For halloween, spook up your space with some black and orange pumpkins.  Bring in the holidays with some green and red tinsel around the walls of your cubicle.  

Utilize a Dry Erase Board

The old fashion way for making reminders was sticky notes, but slowly your cubicle seemed to be taken over by the yellow paper squares.  Remove the clutter by hanging a dry erase board to remind yourself of meetings and daily tasks.  Plus at the end of the day, your coworkers can come in and play hangman!

Spice up Your Storage Containers

To make sure your cubicle is not on an episode of Hoarders, storage is a must in the office.  Decorate your drawers with colorful paper or eye-popping designs.  The trend of the moment is mason jars, so utilize this pinterest staple by storing your clips and pens in them.  Now you can color coordinate the lids for maximum organization.  

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