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Filing System Success

Filing System SuccessThere are many ways to have a successful business. Employee productivity, customer service, and quality product, are excellent ways to see success in your company. One way to ensure success behind the scenes of your business is with a smooth and simple filing system. Filing systems ensure that your records are kept organized and made easily accessible when needed. If your paper work is just strewn everywhere and there isn’t an established area to find records, your business could suffer in the long run. Creating a filing system is easy, just follow these simple steps:

1)      Choose a system that works for your business (Alphabetical, Chronological, Category)

2)      Use hanging folders to hold your file’s place when you remove it

3)      Sort your files into piles

4)      Each pile should have its own labeled manila folder

5)      Each manila folder has its own labeled hanging folder

6)      Keep an extra supply of folders at the ready in case you need to split a pile or need to wait to file certain items

7)      Only keep your files for a year; this will cut back on clutter


So where are you going to keep your files? In one of your new filing cabinets from Mark Downs Office Furniture of course! At Mark Downs, we offer a variety of vertical, lateral, and wood filing cabinets to help you find success in your filing system. Conveniently located in Cockeysville, Mark Downs has everything your business needs to get organized and ready to file. Our cabinets are professional produced, affordably priced, and come in a variety of sizes and colors to match your office interior. We also offer a variety of pre-owned filing cabinets to help save you even more money. Mark Downs also offers filing systems for the healthcare industry to make keeping patient records easy and convenient.

Have a question about our stock of filing cabinets? Give us a call at 410.771.6800 today! One of our trained employees will be happy to answer your questions!

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