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Office Furniture How can I create a Cat-Friendly Home Office?

Cat Friendly Office Furniture Baltimore MD

Do you have a cat and want to create a cat-friendly home interior design? It’s possible. We are here to tell you all about the best of the best cat-friendly interior designs. As you may be aware, cats love to explore their surroundings and enjoy perching themselves up high. They are not very entertained by cat toys. To give your cat a challenge, you need to make your home little elaborate in design. Cats love walkways, bridges and overall vertical spaces. If you give your cat plenty of climbing space, he/she will love you for it.

A tubular layout is one of the best interior designs you can create for a cat because you get to use plenty of desk space as your cat stays entertain on the transit system of your tubular layout.

You can have floating staircases installed on the wall to allow your cat climb various heights. Scratch resistant walls and floors work best with homes with cats to keep your home looking beautiful while accommodating your cat. If you are not a fan of floating staircases, you may want to consider having built-in shelves to store your home office supplies while giving your cat plenty of room to climb.

The goal is to design a space that’s comfortable and relaxing for both you and cat. You cannot truly appreciate a space, if you cannot call it your own. Give your cat plenty of space to explore.

The best furniture items and furniture layouts are designed to accommodate both people and pets. For example, you can furnish your home office or living room with cat tunnel sofas to give your cat plenty of leg room while still allowing you to enjoy a comfortable couch. Or you may want to consider an ergonomic rocking chair to serve as a hybrid rocking chair for you and your cat. This is a better seating option than your cat sitting under your chair, by the side of your chair or next to a table.

As for tables in the office, you can buy built-in feeding stations to your desk to give your cats somewhere organized to eat as you tend to work.

MarkDowns Office Furniture is here to help you make the right choices on your cat-friendly furniture design. Have a look at our desking and seating options for more information on how we can meet your lifestyle needs.

At Mark Downs Office Furniture, we know that comfort is key to achieving work goals. We offer both new and pre-owned ergonomic furniture to help you furnish your office space to suit you and your working habits. We have been servicing the Maryland for over 80 years in the highest quality of office furniture. At Mark Downs, we recognize the benefits of ergonomic furniture for both your productivity and your health, so we make sure to stock a variety for you to choose from.

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