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Benefits of a Footrest in the Office

Using a footrest at work might be the best decision you have ever made.

Using a footrest at work might be the best decision you have ever made.

Ergonomic furniture is in. Everyone wants the benefits of supportive and health promoting furniture to help them get their work done. While ergonomic chairs focus on your back, neck ,and shoulders, it is important not to forget the legs. Full body support is important for full body health. Here are a few reasons why you need to add a footrest to your office setup.

A Footrest Is A Short Person’s Best Friend

While some chairs might not be designed for more petite folks, a footrest offers smaller users many ergonomic benefits without limiting their options. In order to get all of the benefits of an ergonomic chair, a user must be seated with their feet flat against the floor. This may not be so easy for shorter folks, depending on the chair. Foot rests help them reap all of the benefits of a wider array of chairs.

A Footrest Benefits Everyone

You don’t have to be short to reap the benefits of having access to a footrest. They reduce pressure on your legs, which can help prevent a number of health issues. These include blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis, lower back pressure, swelling, and even varicose veins. They help in the long run and making sitting for long periods of time in the now far more comfortable.

A Footrest Encourages Active Sitting

It’s no secret that sitting all day is bad for you. More and more research has been cropping up to illustrate this point. However, a footrest is a great way to get people sitting active and inspire movement at their desks. Some even encourage rocking motions that can keep your legs moving, blood flowing, and feet supported and comfortable.

They Pair Well With Adjustable Desks

Whether your desk is a standing desk, sitting desk, or combination of both, that doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from the use of a footrest. Infact, certain types of footrests are actually ideal for users that are getting used to their standing desks and can help you stand up to 30% longer. This means that you will get the most out of the many important health benefits of standing while you work.

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