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Hon Offers Modular Healthcare Furniture

Hon Flock Collaborative Systems Mark Downs Office Furniture

Hon offers modular healthcare furniture through its Flock Collaborative Solutions.

Hon offers modular healthcare furniture through its Flock Collaborative Solutions. Healthcare furniture should be comfortable for patients, aesthetically appealing, and cost-effective. When you opt for Hon healthcare furniture, these are the exact benefits you gain. Allow us to detail further what makes modular healthcare furniture so beneficial. 

Easy to Relocate

The healthcare industry can be unpredictable. It’s always unclear if a medical facility or hospital will reach maximum capacity. It makes sense to own furniture that you can shuffle around or transport with ease with that in mind. Modular furniture tends to be very lightweight. 

A Streamlined Look

Modular office furniture tends not to be bulky, which means that you save space. Once again, you never know how crowded a healthcare facility will get, especially during a pandemic. It makes sense to use space efficiently. Plus, with Hon’s office furniture being so streamlined, you can look forward to bringing a lot of style to your medical facility or hospital. 


Modular office furniture is very pocket-friendly. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your medical facility without breaking the bank, modular office furniture is an excellent option. 


Even during a pandemic, people still need socialization, even at the office. When the team at your medical facility has to collaborate, it’s much easier to do that with Hon’s Flock Collaborative Systems. What’s even better is that we offer many workplace protection products that can keep your employees safe

Various Options

Often, modular office furniture comes in a set. However, with Hon, you can mix and match. This leading designer and manufacturer offer chairs, storage systems, panel systems, tables, and desks! If your goal is to create a customized, unique look, that’s more than possible! 

More About Hon

Hon’s was founded in 1944, and its headquarters are in Muscatine, Iowa. Hon is the largest operating company of HNI Corporation, the second-largest office furniture manufacturer in North America. If you’re looking for reliable, practical, and comfortable office furniture, you should come to visit our showroom and ask about Hon. Here are a few of many options that are posted on our website besides the Flock Collaborative Systems:

  • Nucleus Chairs (lightweight and stackable)
  • 10500 Series (standing-height, space-saving workstations)
  • Accelerate Workstations (Thin, streamlined, saves a lot of space)
  • Collaborative Care (helps to reduce caregiver distractions)

Call or stop by today if Hon office furniture has piqued your interest. 

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