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How to renovate a break area with ergonomic furniture

Healthcare Ergonomic CHairs

Do you need to renovate your doctor’s office break area? Then it’s time to come in to Mark Downs Office Furniture Showroom.

With the right break room furniture, you can make your healthcare facility more welcoming to patients and your staff alike.

Hospitals, clinics and physician offices should be designed with comfort and work productivity in mind.

Mark Downs Office Furniture is here to provide you the best of healthcare office furniture solutions no matter if you are in the market for used furniture or new furniture.

What is the most popular material used for healthcare furniture? The answer is finished wood. Wood furniture helps protect hospitals and clinics from the spread of bacteria because wood is easy to clean. Wood furniture also offers good work functionality.

The following are essential healthcare furniture items you will need for the break room:

  • Ergonomic desks
  • Side tables
  • Ergonomic seating

It is especially important to select the right ergonomic seating for healthcare facilities because the majority of the time the staff and patients will spend time sitting in the office prior to appointment scheduling.

You will know you have effective ergonomic seating when the chairs reduce the stress the spine faces from being in a seated position.

Ergonomic furniture is purchased for healthcare facilities mainly because the furniture items reduce back problems/ physical injuries by providing proper support for the lower back and assisting people in maintaining a good posture.

Ergonomic furniture is effective for healthcare furnishing because it’s easily adjustable. Patients and staffers alike can adjust the seat height and the lumbar support to prevent slouching. Ergonomic seating also can feature a backrest to give maximum comfort.

Mark Downs Office Furniture includes all types of ergonomic chairs, including kneeling and saddle ergonomic chairs.

Kneeling ergonomic chairs have no backing to put the chair user in a kneeling position that can be easily modified. This helps users maintain good posture and comfort through the day.

The saddle ergonomic chair is perfect for office desks, particularly ones for computer usage. This ergonomic chair is called the saddle because it’s shaped like a horse saddle. The saddle design helps users maintain healthy and stable seating while reducing lower back pains.

Have a look at our ergonomic seating for more information.

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