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3 Benefits of a Standing Desk

Discover the benefits of standing desks.

The concept of the standing desk hasn’t taken over the world of office design just yet, but it’s well on its way. Steadily more and more professionals are becoming aware of the many benefits of having the versatility of a standing desk in their office. It’s a piece of ergonomic furniture that provides more options for comfort and health. With that in mind, after reading more about how people benefit from using a standing desk, you’ll likely consider getting one yourself.

Weight Control

If you’re someone that pays close attention to your physical health and weight, having a standing desk can help you maintain your ideal size. Obesity and inactivity are both concerns for many professionals who spend the bulk of the business day in a seated position. The standing desk allows you to periodically elevate your work so you can get up on your feet. In fact, the U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that standing more can help you burn an additional 170 calories.

Reduce Pain

Spending an extended amount of time in the same position can lead to fatigue, pain, and aches in your joints. Being able to stand up and stretch reduces the pressure on your back, neck, and legs. Studies have shown up to a 32 percent improvement in lower back pain and a 54 percent improvement in upper back and neck pain. It comes from a combination of stretching, movement, and increased blood flow through the extremities.

Boost Mood and Productivity

A condition that affects many professionals is lethargy. In addition to the physical benefits of having a standing desk, it can also help professionals feel more productive and even happier at work. Choosing blocks of time throughout the day to spend standing will give you something to look forward to and even help you create a solid schedule for the day. A seven-week study conducted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the participants reported feeling less stress and increased energy when compared to participants who remained seated during the same amount of time.      

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