The Benefits of Office Standing Desks

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Discover the benefits of a standing desk.

The typical office employee spends an average of six days a week at their desk, which in time is negative for one’s health.  Sitting a majority of the day with limited movement can cause a variety of health problems from obesity to diabetes.  One of the solutions to this issue are standing desks, which should be used in a slow progression for standing the whole workday.  There are several benefits to investing in a standing desk at work.

Reduces Risk of Obesity

According to a study performed by the Mayo Clinic, standing for a majority of the day helps reduce weight gain.  They conducted a study on a group of office workers and added 1,000 calories to their daily diet, but asked to not change their movement or exercise habits.  The employees that did not gain weight during the study sat much less than the other workers; about an average of 2.25 hours less.  Standing desks are a good start for helping employees maintain and potentially lose weight because standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting.

Improved Posture

Ever notice when you are at your desk, you hunch over to type on your computer or lean forward to read something?  Well, these actions can be detrimental to your posture and lead to back problems.  Using a standing desk at work can improve your posture especially if your computer is slightly above your resting eye level.  You will not have to hunch over when you type, improving your core strength and ultimately your posture.

Decrease Chances of Cardiovascular Disease

According to another study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, adults who sit two more hours a day than average have a 125 percent risk of developing cardiovascular problems such as chest pain and heart attacks.  So, it is crucial that you stand up and get active during the workday, so you should switch to a standing desk.  You will be less static during the day, and you will be more influenced to move around the office.

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