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Why are Standing Desk in Popular Demand in 2014?

Sit Stand Work Stations

If you haven’t bought a standing desk this year, you’re in for a treat. Many workers that have made the transition have preference towards standing desk rather than a regular office desk. There’s something exciting about trying something new and for those suffering work injuries, the  standing desk offer something new that’s good for your health.

The standing desk can help you improve your posture and reduce your work fatigue. By using a standing desk, you can reduce lower back pains as well as shoulder pains. Combine that with regular exercise and you can keep your body in great shape. Add a mat under your standing desk to add extra cushion to your feet. Remember, you will be standing all day.

When you stand at a desk all day, you will notice yourself not slouching as much and your attitude will be more positive. Do a couple of bends, squats and stretches along the way and you will be more than fine.

If you are worried you will not be able to stand all day, you can always purchase a locus seat. What is a locus seat? A locus seat is an adjustable seat that helps one stand and lean safely and properly, when using a standing desk.

The locus seat is designed to help the user carry less weight so you will not strain your lower back, thighs and feet. The seat will also help you get comfortable moving around.

It gets better. You will give yourself a core workout everyday without heading to the gym, simply because you are standing.

If you’re ready to energize yourself with a standing, Mark Downs Office Furniture is here to help you make the right choice.

The ideal standing desk will allow you to position your arms at a 90 degree angle , position your screen at a 20 degree tilt and your eyes will comfortably keep your eye gaze at a 20 to 28 degree view. All it takes is the courage to try something new.

Here are some great health benefits you can reap from using a standing desk at the office:

  • Reduce your risk of Obesity
  • Lower your risk of Cancer
  • Improve your Mood

Have a look at our ergonomic  furniture to find the perfect standing desk for you.

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