Tips to Creating a Positive Breakroom

Learn how to make your office's breakroom a more positive space.

Learn how to make your office’s breakroom a more positive space.

If you think that having a breakroom will boost positivity in your office then maybe there is an opportunity to take that space it a step further. Sure, your employees will appreciate having some personal time away from their desks, but there are ways that you can optimize the breakroom to boost morale and productivity even further.


It usually doesn’t take much time and energy to make people feel appreciated. Your employees are dedicating a lot of themselves to help your company become a success. Therefore, showing you appreciate all their hard work with occasional gifts will be a big hit. These don’t have to be expensive investments; you’d be surprised how much free coffee or even a fully stocked candy dish will do the trick. It will give your employees something to look forward to when they come to work and walk into the breakroom.


When employees walk into the breakroom, they want to step away from their tasks for the day. Having a Wi-Fi connection, televisions, or even tablets on which to play games or check into their social media pages will help them decompress for the moment. These kinds of provisions could also boost collaborative spirit as new employees will find it easier to start a conversation by discussing an article they’re reading online or the show that’s playing on the television.   


Having monthly birthday celebrations or marking particular work anniversaries are sure ways to create a positive atmosphere. It will show your employees that as management, you care about them as individuals and appreciate their contributions to the business. It will also give people something to look forward to occasionally and help break up the monotony of their everyday work responsibilities.

Comfort is Key

Many employees will see the breakroom as the place where they can unwind. Therefore, comfortable and convenient seating options will be a big hit. Seating with tables and chairs are essential, especially if the space is used for lunch breaks. Also, other types of couches would also be a welcomed change to their office chairs.

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