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Simple Office Design Tips to Improve Productivity

Learn how to be as productive as possible while at work.

The design of your workplace, whether it is an office or small cubicle, has a huge impact on not only your overall mood, but on your productivity as well. A well designed and organized workplace is a happy workplace, which in turn makes it a productive workplace. In order to stay focused and motivated, and to keep your employees focused and motivated too, there are a few office design tips you can follow on the road to success.  

Keep it Quiet

Many modern offices today are designing with an open concept in mind, and while this layout can increase office capacity and reduce costs, it can have a negative impact on employee productivity. Because of the inherent lack of privacy in open office designs, people can often be disturbed, whether intentionally or not, by other occupants of the space. In order to avoid this, design your office with a quiet zone in mind or individual work. This space would ideally be cordoned off from the main office space and can be utilized at any time by any employee that needs it. Furniture should match function, so dividers for large desks would be a great addition to the space.

Natural Light

Although you may not realize it, access to sunlight has a huge impact on your mood. Sunlight makes people happy, and the happier you are, the more work you can get done. Design your office with this in mind and try to make the most of the natural sunlight you can get. Try to maximize access to sunlight by making sure that everyone can catch a glimpse of it throughout the day.

Color and Fun

A very important aspect of office design is adding in some color and fun to cut up the monotony of the day. When picking a wall color, be conscious of your choice. Offices are often dull and tired, so picking a good wall color is important. Blue is a color that increases productivity, so that is always a great choice. An attractive workplace makes employees proud of their office, which will make them happier and therefore more productive. Make your space welcoming and confident, especially if you plan on entertaining clients on a regular basis. Allow employees to add their own personality to their individual spaces, including letting them bring in photos of their family and friends, desk plants, or a fun desk toy.

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