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Tips To Organizing Your Desk

Office Desk

Learn how to organize your office desk.

A tidy desk is a useful desk. While this may not be true for everyone, some like their clutter, in general, the less you have to distract you from your tasks the better able to focus you will be. Consider the clutter you have on your desk right now: pieces of several unfinished projects, empty coffee mugs, an assortment of pens (half of which might be dry) and don’t forget the piles of crumbs and layer of dust. All of these things can keep you from focusing on your tasks, even if you don’t notice it.

Get Rid Of The Unnecessary

As you begin your desk overhaul deciding what can stay and what must go is always the hardest part. Begin by removing any trash, dirty items, and broken or unused tools. If your office has a community office supply station be honest with yourself about how much you need and what can go back. Extra pens, six colors of sticky note, these items will be available when you need them, there’s no reason to horde. Next, go through any non-paperwork details, swag from conferences, knick-knacks, and etcetera should be evaluated. If it isn’t an item, you use to ask if it makes you happier having it. It’s likely that personal objects will stay, but the rest can be removed.

Free Up Space

As you begin your project ask yourself: do you have a storage system? If so, are you using it effectively? Filing cabinets and shelving are only as useful as you make them. If your storage has just become a dumping ground for anything you no longer want on your desk, it’s time make better use of it. Additionally, you may want to consider adding better storage on your desks, such as a file organizer, an old-fashioned inbox, and small shelving for personal items and photos.

Deep Clean

With the bulk of your items put away and your station organized take the time to ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned. Using a microfiber cloth and dusting spray, wipe down your entire desk, and any personal areas. Once you’ve removed the built-up grime, be sure to keep it clean!

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