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3 Types of Office Layouts

Office Furniture

Learn about a few office layout options.

What kind of office layout are you using? Have you considered how your office layout impacts your employee experience? When you’re designing a new office or remodeling your existing one, consider the way your floor plan will help or inhibit the flow of your business operations. Read on to learn more about these three types of office layouts.

Open Layout

The open office layout has been gaining popularity, especially among modern business offices and startups. The open office design is important to these types of businesses because they help facilitate idea generation, teamwork, and sharing. It gives professionals more flexibility to work and create without the traditional constraints of cubicles and offices. When it comes to overhead costs, open office designs also take up less space and require less furniture and supplies. In terms of productivity, the open floor plan holds everyone accountable because everyone will be contributing to common goals in the open space.

Private Offices

The private office layout is essentially the exact opposite of the open layout. In this setting, each professional will work within the confines and privacy of their own office. Aside from a receptionist or office manager, everyone will have their own individual space in which they work. This layout works best for businesses that require each professional to work in solitude, take private phone calls, or meet with individual clients. The biggest benefit of private offices is the privacy and law practices, mental health practices, and small businesses benefit the most from this design. If confidentiality is a top priority, you’ll probably opt for this layout.

Cubicle Offices

Cubicle office layouts might be the solution that offers the best of both worlds; an adequate level of openness and privacy. This layout usually uses partitions to create separation between each employee. They are often situated in rows or other layouts that allow for space to walk throughout the office. You can easily locate your co-workers for communication but retreat to the separation of your cubicle when you need to concentrate on your individual tasks.

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