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Open Lounges & Kitchen Areas: Changing Office Spaces

Office Spaces

Office spaces are changing these days, and that means including amenities like lounges and full kitchens.

There’s no doubt that office culture–and office spaces–are changing worldwide. They’re becoming more collaborative, more casual, more laidback. Traditional office culture is dying out in favor of spaces that feel more modern and inclusive. For some, this means open office floor plans and mobile office furniture. However, this could even include office spaces that include open lounges in kitchen areas. Do these areas help or hinder your workplace?

Lounge Areas

Giving your employees an area to rest and relax doesn’t just benefit them, it benefits you. It may seem counterintuitive to have an area dedicated to not doing work. After all, who needs a couch and TV when you’re supposed to be doing a job? Most employees tend to not slack off when given the opportunity though and will use resources like this sparingly. They know that their job secures them the lifestyle they need, so they will do their job well regardless.

Kitchen Areas

Having a full kitchen means that your employees start to think of your office as more than just a place to go and work. They can prepare quick meals, sit down and eat before getting back to work. It’ll help them recharge physically and mentally and get back into the right headspace faster. Gone are the days where just a refrigerator and a microwave were sufficient; the more amenities you offer, the easier it is for employees to spend time in the office and get their work done.

Promoting Office Culture

You want your employees to feel at home when they’re working. They will be more productive and get work done on the deadlines you need. Sure, choosing the proper conference room furniture is definitely important, but office spaces need a complete overhaul if they want to keep up with the times. Part of that is incorporating lounges and full kitchens.

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