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5 Home Office Features That Should Never Change

Home Office Features

Multiple sources of lighting are ideal home office features

Today we will discuss home office features that will never change or will always be necessary. The benefit of working at home is that it’s a more comfortable experience. However, if you want to maintain your productivity, you should replicate a commercial office setting. In other words, it’s better to sit at a desk with the correct posture versus working from the comfort of your bed. With that in mind, you can still make your home office space well homey by adding photos, a pop of color, or any personal details that you’d like. Home offices should be unique. However, here are five home office features that each remote worker will always need. 

A Comfy Chair 

If you sit at a desk most or all of your workday, you should have a comfortable office chair. This home office feature is vital if you work at a computer. Here at Mark Downs Office Furniture, we have many options to support your back and encourage correct posture. For example, did you know that we sell big and tall chairs? We accommodate many people and industries. 

Home Office Features Should Include a Work Surface 

Your office desk’s size and work surface will depend on your budget and office space’s dimensions. Think about your work style and the office items that you need to be easily accessible. If you’d like to keep your work surface neat, attractive desk organizers help. You may also consider having some storage options such as drawers or shelves for items you don’t use as often. 

Everything Placed Strategically 

Many people have gone entirely digital. If that’s you, this tip will not apply to you as much. However, if you’re someone who has a lot of paper files and documents, you will need the right mix of drawers, shelves, and file cabinets to keep your home office organized. A combination of open and concealed storage options placed strategically aids in maximum flexibility.

The Proper Illumination  

You need not strain your eyes when working on a task. A standard ceiling light is a start. However, task lighting is ideal for reading and work tasks where you need to be up close. Wall scones are also excellent for ambient lighting. Also, placing your desk somewhere near a window (unless that’s too distracting) is ideal so that natural light will enter your office. 

Plenty of Electrical Outlets

It’s best to place your desk and your desktop or laptop near a place with ample outlets. Sure, extension cords exist, but desks with built-in outlets ensure that wiring isn’t an eyesore. Floor outlets are also ideal regarding freestanding desks. 

If you’re curious about what home office features are available, call us or stop by our expansive showroom today. 

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