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4 Tips for Proper Posture While Sitting in An Office Chair

Office Chair

Learn how to sit in your office chair properly.

Many people go to work every day to jobs that require them to sit in office chairs for long periods of time. It may sound comfortable but staying in the same position for hours can have a negative impact on your body. Even people with excellent posture will be affected by this kind of inactivity. Check out these tips for bridging the gap between proper posture and desk layout.  

The Right Chair

The first step to achieving proper posture while sitting in an office chair is to have the right office chair for your body. The right chair is one that is adjustable and customizable to your height, weight, and comfort. You should be able to set both feet comfortably on the floor, have adequate cushion under your seat, and lower back support. As far as your posture is concerned, try to push your hips as far back as they’ll go in the chair. Adjust the back of your chair to about a 100- to 110-degree angle. The armrests should allow your shoulders to be relaxed.

Proper Desk and Monitor Setup

If you find yourself leaning closer to your desk and monitor while you type, or you tilt your head down to look at your monitor, then consider adjusting its height so that you’ll be able to look straight ahead. You’ll notice the difference in your posture just by being able to adjust the line of your sight. Having an improper sightline leads to slouching, a hunched back, and pain in the back and shoulders.  

Your Keyboard

Use an articulating keyboard tray for optimal hand and wrist positioning while you type. It should be adjustable to accommodate your unique arm length and comfort needs. Your keyboard should be positioned directly in front of your body, close enough so that you don’t have to stretch too far and positioned so that your shoulders remain relaxed.

Pauses and Breaks

One of the most effective ways to help your posture in the office is to get moving. Even if you have to set a timer at your desk, remember to stand up periodically and move around your office. Try doing some shoulder rolls, neck rolls, twists, or walking in place. This will also help with your circulation.  

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