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How to Choose the Perfect Office Chair

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Choose an office chair that makes your comfortable and meets all of your needs.

For professionals that work in an office setting, you probably spend the bulk of your day in a seated position. This can cause a lot of fatigue on the body, but that can become an even bigger problem if you don’t have a comfortable chair. Everyone has unique bodies as well as unique requirements to maintain comfort. Having the right office chair will make your days feel a lot better – and your back and legs will thank you. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect office chair.


One of the first choices and things that you’ll notice about your prospective office chair is the fabric that covers it. While some professionals love the classic and grand look of leather, it’s not necessarily the most comfortable. Instead, opt for breathable fabrics that will keep the chair from getting too hot throughout the day. In addition, choose fabric that comes with enough cushion to maintain comfort the longer you sit.    

Lumbar Support

The ideal office chair will have the right amount of lumbar support. This means that your lower back will be properly supported. You need lumbar support to help protect your lower back from strain and chronic aches, which can worsen overtime and become more serious conditions.  


You should be able to adjust your office chair according to your unique height, weight, and other preferences. The best office chairs are adjustable from multiple points, including the height of the base, the eight of the seats, the arm rests, and the back.

Type of Base

The most common type of base for office chairs is the wheel base. This allows for more mobility through the office as you roll from your computer to your filing drawers. Swivel bases allow for free movement and help reduce arm and back fatigue.


When it comes to all office furniture, you want it to match the overall style of the space. With that said, the perfect office chair checks all the previous boxes while also complementing the look inside your space.

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