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Benefits Of An Ergonomic Chair

Discover the never-ending benefits of investing in a ergonomic chair.

Making the switch to ergonomic office furniture is a great way to dramatically increase the productivity, health, and happiness of yourself and your employees. Ergonomic furniture has a wide variety of well-documented health benefits and can help save your company from issues of lost work and injury.

Improve Posture and Health

Creating good posture helps alleviate many of the problems that can occur when seated for too long. An ergonomic chair immediately relieves many of the issues and helps to counteract the damage that staying seated for too long can do. When seated, knees should be at 90 degree angles parallel to the hips. Meanwhile, your chair should have a seat depth that reached to 2-4 inches from behind your knees for best comfort.

Improved Spine and Neck Health

Some of the most common issues that occur when not using ergonomic chairs include shoulder and neck stiffness and spinal pain. When choosing the right ergonomic chair for you, consider the length of the back and the headrest. Your full spine should be supported, and the back should angle to fit the curve of your spine. Additionally, the headrest should be at the proper height when you are seated; this will help support your neck and head while working to prevent pain and damage.

Improve Productivity

When Employees are uncomfortable, and in pain, it is unlikely that they are giving their work their full attention. In fact, when provided with comfortable, adjustable office furniture it’s likely that creativity, attention, and interpersonal relationships will all improve.

Create A Safer Workplace

When you move to ergonomic workplace furniture, you decrease the overall chances of workplace injury significantly. OSHA reported that musculoskeletal disorders caused by workplace equipment often resulted in a loss of about seven days per incident. Additionally, these same disorders can cause lifelong, permanent disability if left untreated and unmonitored.

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