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Benefits of Incorporating Nature in the Workplace

Most workplaces are looking for ways to increase employee productivity and happiness, and one surprising idea is to bring nature into the workspace. Using interior greenery, like

Learn how to bring nature into your office.

Learn how to bring nature into your office.

moss walls or live  plant walls, in your workplace design can help increase worker satisfaction and should be a consideration when you’re planning or revamping your office space. Here are five reasons to consider including plants in your décor.

Improve Morale, Focus, and Creativity

Employees who work in environments with natural elements have been shown to have higher levels of well-being and productivity than workers in nature-less settings. Exposure to plants and nature improves brain performance by providing a brain break and allowing workers to focus more easily after returning to work. And when employees are happier, they work harder, which is better for your business. Including greenery in the office also improves creativity, which can pave the way for the next big idea in your industry. Finally, being on top of trends in furniture and décor so that your employees are as happy as possible can help you attract and retain the best talent. It is a win-win.

Maintain Temperature and Decrease Energy Usage

Studies have shown that plants and moss can encourage temperature regulation and help reduce the effects of urban heat islands in cities. They can do the same in your office. Including plants in your décor can regulate sunlight and absorb heat, helping to keep your air conditioning costs down.

Insulate Against Sounds

Office layouts continue to trend towards open floor plans, which is great for collaboration but less so for noise reduction. Live plant walls and moss walls can control noise disturbance because they provide acoustic control.  By limiting the noisiness of your workplace you can increase productivity and performance.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Investing in sustainable practices and elements to your workplace is a win-win because it is good for your workers and good for the environment. Incorporating plants helps remove pollution from the air, including odors. This is great for helping to decrease your carbon footprint, but will also decrease the use of deodorizing sprays.

Include It In Your Branding

If you care enough about your employees and the environmental impact of your business to consider adding plants to your workplace design, this is information that your customers probably want also. Consider including it in your branding or in information about your company to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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