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The Many Benefits of an Open Office Layout

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Discover the several benefits of an open office layout.

Just like in residential properties, the concept of the open design plan is gaining popularity for offices too. Managers and employees are realizing the many benefits that come with removing the physical walls and partitions in the workplace. Check out this list of benefits for open office layouts.


  • The open office layout is much more economical. The lack of walls allows for more flexibility in designated work areas and gives the ability for more employees to work at one business location.
  • Cubicles do not lead to more productivity. In fact, studies have shown that cubicles or individual offices have no proven impact on productivity in comparison to open concept offices. Closed offices lead to even less available workspaces for employees.
  • The open office layout creates a better flow of communication. It makes it much easier and more efficient for employees to collaborate and share ideas when they don’t have to be concerned with leaving their own offices or knocking on anyone’s door. It eases confusion and even frustration by making it much easier to see if someone is in the office and available for meetings.
  • It makes the task of supervising employees much easier. Supervisors and managers will have a better handle on the day-to-day operations of the office when all employees are in a centralized area. Employees will then also be able to ask questions in more efficiently and have their concerns met by management staff much faster.
  • The energy efficiency of open office layouts makes heating and cooling the office a lot easier on the pockets. When walls and partitions aren’t in the way, it takes much less energy to flow heat and air conditioning throughout the space. The same goes for lighting, especially if the building or floor is well lit with natural light from windows; there will be much less lighting fixtures necessary to keep the office lit.
  • As business needs change, it’s simple to make layout changes if necessary. Flexibility means making physical changes with minimal time and effort. Examples would be for meetings, conferences, or presentations.        



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