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Tips for Office Chair Posture

Office Chair

Sitting in an office chair with bad posture can lead to long term pain.

Even with the perfect office chair, posture still impacts your mood and digestion. If you’re wondering why your body is constantly aching, it could be because of your hours spent sitting incorrectly at your computer. Knowing the proper posture for sitting in an office chair can improve your work efficiency and mood, so it’s important to know the right form.

Take Breaks

Poor posture starts to become more problematic over time. Few of us have poor posture when we initially sit down, but over time, we tend to start slouching and leaning over. Standing up, stretching, and even walking around to give yourself a break is important.

Ergonomics Help

Getting an ergonomic office chair will definitely help. These have been scientifically proven to improve the pains of sitting for too long. As we’ve mentioned before, ergonomic office chairs reduce pain, allow for more free movement, and make your work easier.

Sitting Properly

Your hips should always be squarely against the back of your office chair. Your feet should also be kept flat against the floor. Doing so will make sure that your spine is properly aligned. Don’t sit too far away from your keyboard either, this could negatively impact your poster by forcing you to reach for it every time you need to type. Try to keep your shoulders relaxed, but still held back, as much as possible.

Managing Pain

If you’re still feeling pain in your back, it may be time to invest in a new office chair. Getting an ergonomic office chair would be the best bet, but try a few out and see which one feels good to sit in while using the tips for good posture. You may also want to consider trying yoga as it can help improve your posture overall and make sitting in your office chair feel more natural.

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