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A Guide on Choosing Office Seating

opus hickory leather office seatingToday we’ll provide a guide on office seating. Having the right office seating is essential. If an office employee had to calculate the number of hours they sit down at their desk, they would be shocked! If you’re a business owner, then you indeed want to invest as much money as you do into your desking and the office layout as you do the office chairs. A poor choice of office chairs could lead your employees to be less productive, or worse, leave them with back pain. You always want your office seating to be comfortable and supportive. Here is more detail on what to look for in office chairs.

Office Seating Should Have Support for the Lower Back 

Lumbard support or lower back support is an indicator of an excellent office chair. Some chairs even allow the sitter to adjust the chair to cushion their lower back. This kind of support is essential to prevent debilitating back pain.

Office Chairs Should Have Height and Arm Adjustments 

An office chair should have height and arm adjustments because each employee is different in regards to their physical makeup. Most office seating has these capabilities. However, some of the better chairs have more options. Some chairs allow you to control the back width and height as well as the seat and back angle. A third option includes manipulating the tension of the chair. We’re all about office ergonomics and believe that employees should be able to do their job comfortably. 

Test How Easily the Office Seating Glides 

Most office chairs have a wheelbase. However, some wheelbases don’t do well on carpet. As you pick out office seating, test how well the wheels would work on the carpet if your office indeed has carpeting. Being able to roll comfortably in a seat will prevent strain from trying to reach items and slide closer to a desk. We also have office accessories such as chair mats to not only keep the carpet smooth and clean but will help make moving around in office seating easier. 

Always Test Out the Seats

As with any office furniture, you should indeed give it a test run. Sit down at the desk you like. Sit in the seat that’s catching your eye. Ask yourself if you can imagine doing work here. Determine if you’re comfortable. Consider if the tallest person in your office could benefit from the office furniture that you chose. 

Furnish and Design Your Office Space with Mark Downs

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